Our Story

We believe that being a baby is no excuse not to be well dressed. We realise that baby fashion is vital, especially for those first pictures and as they grow up – you’ll be looking at these photo albums for so many times over the years! As parents, we realised this gap and are determined to fix it. We are excited to present to you the headquarters for baby and toddler clothing


Whether you want something truly unique, funny or you’re going for a Disney theme, there’s a baby outfit for everyone. And even though newborns are already adorable on their own, throw in one of our cute outfits and go on making beautiful memories. Want to dress your baby for an occasion or a photoshoot or just casually stay home outfit or for daycare or simply gift someone? We’ve got you covered with our onslaught of adorable collections. Our cool baby boy clothes will take your little man from the crib to the park in style! Our cool baby girl clothes will add a splash of personalised pizazz to your little lady’s wardrobe!

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because WE CARE.