10 Must-haves in your baby’s wardrobe

10 Must-haves in your baby’s wardrobe

Baby clothes are so adorable that sometimes adults end up purchasing items in excess. Modern parents need to learn how to buy wisely and effectively. It is great when you can open the wardrobe, choose the clothes, and make up your child’s outfit in an eye blink.

Do not acquire everything you come across just because it has an amazing price or a sweet print. Check the material first. It has to be cloth, cotton or wool. Synthetic fabrics may cause rashes and even allergies.

I know it is easy to get lost among tiny socks, doll-like blouse, and lovely overalls. Believe me, I have been there too. This is why I have come up with a list to guide you in a store packed with mini-clothes. Of course, you can add or cut items depending on the season and your little angle’s needs.


I. Bodysuit

When it comes to a baby’s wardrobe, the bodysuit is the basic piece.  This is a clothing product designed to be worn as a T-shirt or blouse. What makes it special is the waist extension for better protection.

Bodysuits come in a wide variety of designs and can be used as underwear or as part of an outfit. They are comfortable and perfect for both sleep and playtime.

Good to know: manufactured for easy on-and-off, with triple-seat snaps for bottom/diaper closure, they simplify the changing nappies sessions


II. Sleeveless Bodysuit

This is a fashionable item, suitable for both warm and cold weather. It is effortless to dress and covers the sensitive areas. During hot summer days, you need a funky cap and a sleeveless bodysuit with a cool design to give your little one the star look.

In winter, it's the fabric that keeps warm, protecting the baby from cold. The cut is the same for both girls and boys, an aspect which eases your choice.


III. Overalls

If you want something practical and fast to put on, then the overalls are the answer. The high-quality ones are made of cotton. This is very friendly with the baby’s sensitive skin.


avoid with ribbons, buckles or buttons that close along the spine; they will diminish the baby’s pleasure to roll on their back.

Another bonus point is the back protection. Older babies and toddlers who sleep with a blanket usually throw it from the bed at night. With an overall, you make sure that the back is kept warm. Coated overalls are a wise option for walks in the snow. They are better than the duo jacket-trousers because cold might sneak in between them and the tiny body cannot preserve its heat. 


IV. Trousers and Shorts 

Trousers can also be worn by children under 12 months. For new-borns, pants with booties are very useful during winter time. They shelter the skin from external factors, allowing it to breathe at the same time.  Due to their special cut, trousers allow your kid to move freely and discover the world. Moreover, they are spacious enough for a diaper. In case you are more on the sporty side, there are lots of thick tracksuit trousers for the chilly months.  When it is warm outside, you can opt for cotton shorts. Most of them have cheerful colors and are printed with various cartoon characters.  In the summer, your baby feels best in shorts, because they guarantee thermal control. They may be part of an indoor, outdoor, party or home outfit.  


V. Button Blouses

They are significant pieces in the wardrobe of a child up to one-year-old. Pediatricians recommend button blouses, made of full fabric so that parents can dress them quickly and without hassle. This allows the child to be undressed or clothed according to the variations in temperature.


VI. Socks and Baby Booties

Needed from the first day, socks must have in their compositions friendly fabrics designed with the babies’ needs in mind.

The size of socks counts a lot. If they are bigger than necessary, they will often fall and your baby will spend a lot of time in bare feet. In case they are too small, they can irritate the skin or even hinder normal blood circulation.

 A pair of fluffy and delicate booties will provide warmth and a touch of elegance. The playful shades capture the angle’s attention in a couple of seconds.


Tip: for automatic washing, set the water temperature at maximum 300C (860C)


VII. Caps

Caps of various thickness, made of cotton, wool or cloth come in very handy when the weather outside is windy and chilly.

 Caps made of 100% cotton feel soft and pleasant on the skin. Specialists in the domain of baby health consider that caps are not necessary for indoor activities as long as the room temperature is not below 210C (700F).

It is advisable to buy some cute hats and baseball caps for the summer. While at the swimming pool or on the beach the little head must be protected against the powerful sun rays.

Tip: have more than 2 or 3 caps; toddlers and not only, like throwing them on the ground; plus, they polish up the wonderful photo shooting outfits.


VIII. Hoodies and Jackets

Once your “charming treasure” reaches the age of 2-3 months, you may start using hoodies or jackets. They are effective in the spring and autumn and allow you to dress the baby in layers.

The general rule of the thumb is to put the child in a reasonable amount of layers. In time, you will come “to read” your boy’s or girl’s signals which offer information on thermal comfort. Meanwhile, do not assume that baby’s feel the cold deeper than adults. If you are hot, there are high chances for your child to go through the same experience. Most grown-ups need a T-shirt and a light blouse or jacket in cool weather. They are enough for your kid as well. Let us not forget how active kids are. Thick clothes mean sweating which may end up in health problems. As long as the hoodies and the jackets are designed wisely, removing them will not be a daunting task.

Waterproof items with a detachable hoodie are the best choice for spring and autumn. During these seasons the temperatures may drop suddenly and rain may come without a warning. Thus, your kid is protected against nature’s whims.

Tipsin case the spring/autumn jacket has a coating, make sure it is not purchase items that abound in zippers, staples, or cordons; if not sewn correctly, they may detach in a few days.

Toddlers need a jacket that is a bit over their knees. This will prevent them from feeling the cold or from tripping.  


IX. Mittens and Gloves

 Even during summer, they are a must-have item. The children’s nails grow quickly and they might scratch their faces. Delicate cotton mittens impede this.


Tip: avoid seams that are not properly finished and accessories which might be the source of itchy rashes


X. Dresses

Cute and colorful dresses will always be a delight for parents. Nonetheless, you need to take into account safety and comfort. Energetic little princesses will not tolerate tight gowns. The world can be conquered in a dress with a practical cut.

Stay away from clothes with small buttons, decorative stones or bows, as these may be choking hazards. Corded clothes around the arms, legs or throat also enter the unsafe category.

 Tip: always ensure that all decorations are properly sewn


I strongly advise you to stay away from offers that sound too good to be true. Cheap products may have poor quality print and the ink might stick to the baby’s arms, hands, and belly.

Do your homework well and resist the temptation to fill your online or offline cart with unnecessary items. Focus on quality, not on quantity.